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9 Clean Mistakes You Are Probably Of Guilty

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9 Clean Mistakes You Are Probably Of GuiltyDishes Cleaning www.ipagenews.com

There's almost a day without a kitchen. You will also have a kitchen in your home, which is often proportional to the amount of use. Traces of food scattered around, wastewater from trash, contaminated refrigerator, bad odors from the sink, you can come across as annoying things from time to time. We have compiled the cleaning mistakes that cause you to experience such situations and disrupt the taste of your mouth.

Saving dishes

Saving dishes www.ipagenews.com

It takes only two minutes to rinse your dirty dishes into the machine. However, if you postpone this work and start to collect the dishes in the sink, then the work starts getting out of hand. The dirty dishes waiting in the sink are producing more germs than your prediction.

Leaving garbage 

When selecting the garbage cans used in the kitchen, you must make sure that your mouth is closed.
If possible, you should prefer the pedal models that you can open remotely. Having a garbage can on the counter where you prepare your beverages and foods will endanger the hygiene of the kitchen.

Clean up different areas with the same kitchen sponge

Since the kitchen sponges are always at hand, you may be cleaning many places with it. For example; After cleaning the sink, you can clean the counter or the outside surface of the refrigerator with a sponge. But this means distributing bacteria in one place to the whole kitchen and is among the biggest cleaning faults in the kitchen. Therefore, in order to prevent the spread of bacteria in your kitchen, you should clean the kitchen sponges frequently with chemicals and use different cloths for cleaning the different areas.

Keeping the kitchen cloths wet

using kitchen cloths right way www.ipagenews.com

Kitchen cloths are also frequently used as sponges, so they are always wet. Therefore, they turn into bacteria nest and threaten the health of you and your family. In order to avoid this, you should leave your kitchen cloths to dry in a suitable place with hot water and disinfectant products.

Overfilling the dishwasher capacity

Overfilling your machine prevents good cleaning of your dishes by keeping them in contact with water and detergent. The bad thing is that you may not notice this in your well-flushed dishes.

Skip cleaning of the most contacted places in the kitchen

Handles, buttons, refrigerator doors, door handles, taps, electric switches, etc. are the areas where you touch them dozens of times, as well as the areas that carry the most bacteria. You can keep bacteria away by cleaning them with disinfectant cloths every day.

Forks & spoons always in the same direction in the dishwasher

This type of equipment in the same direction to the basket of the dishwasher, intertwining, can prevent each other from cleaning. For this reason, you should place the forks in the upward direction so that their mouths do not twist, some of them up and some of them down.

Using meat cutting board in other cutting work

cutting board www.ipagenews.com

In the event that raw meat pieces accumulate between the meat cutting boards, the bacteria will grow rapidly here. If you use the same board to cut vegetables, for example, you spread the bacteria to all your food. For this reason, you should not use the meat cutting board for meat for your other chopping work.

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