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Apple and Qualcomm's big patent fight is in the court

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Apple and Qualcomm's big patent fight is in the court Apple and Qualcomm's big patent fight

Over the past two weeks, Qualcomm and Apple have struggled with some of the key technologies in the heart of your smartphone in the San Diego courtroom. On Friday, a jury said Apple violated all three of these patents.

Qualcomm says Apple used without permission in some versions of the iPhone.This technology determines how quickly a smartphone connects to the Internet when the device is turned on. It provides a further opportunity with graphics processing and battery life and also The applications have applications that change what is downloaded between the processor and the modem.

The jury members said Apple had to pay $ 31 million to Qualcomm for compensation or $ 1.41 per iPhone that violated it. This is a very valuable amount for Apple, which has become the first 1 trillion company in the US in the last year.
The confrontation between the two technology giants will reach a pirate when they meet again in San Diego court to fight copyright in the coming months.

- Arjuna Siva argument

Most of the hearings were held around a man who did not work in either company: Arjuna Siva.
Siva, now an engineer on Google, was part of an Apple team working to bring Qualcomm chips to iPhones in 2010. At the time, Apple argues that it made a significant contribution to the opening technology.
Apple said that Siva should be the co-inventor in the patent covering this technology. Therefore, Apple argued that all the real inventors of the patent should be considered invalid in order not to give credit. This key cannot violate an invalid patent.

In his statement, Siva gave up credit for the patent, It was canceled unexpectedly and re-planned in a few days. But he called some elements of technology. My idea. He also said that he did not read the original language of the patent.

Qualcomm made a big deal on this. During the discussions, the lawyer of the chipmaker showed a patent application signed by the inventors. The form states that all signatories must read and review the patent application before signing. Siva can't sign because he hasn't read it.

Apple, Siva'nın at that time, saying that he knew nothing about the application, why he read?

- Apple claimed that the witness was tampered with. The judge said 'no proof'

- Apple says this is not about patents

This is a patent trial, but Apple said Qualcomm didn't. Rather, Brooks said Qualcomm was involved in legal proceedings because the chipper was angry at Apple's launch of Intel chips on iPhones in 2016. Prior to that, Apple and Qualcomm had a special relationship dating back to 2011.

Also, Brooks said Apple bought all of its mobile chips from Qualcomm and the company supplied the entire industry.

Two years ago, Apple introduced Intel as a second supplier for some models of the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus. Since then, Intel has replaced Qualcomm on iPhones.

- Great show next month 

As the court proceedings go, this case does not happen for both companies. The big show next month is Apple and Qualcomm's meeting in San Diego to fight for Qualcomm's licenses.

Let's see who is right when will be revealed. Everyone's eyes in these hearings.

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