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Blockchain-MenaPay's IEO process, which sold 402 thousand 673 token

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MenaPay's IEO process, which sold 402 thousand 673 token
MenaPay, which started the IEO process on March 15th, finished the daily 50 thousand MenaPay token reserve on from Chinese Crypto stock exchanges in full 1.5 minutes.
First, let's talk about IEO for those who don't know. Offering IEO, the Initial Exchange, the new generation of blockchain world appears as a mass funding method.Blockchain projects are able to reach larger audiences by selling digital coins (token) over crypto exchanges.

Investors can also buy their tokens without having to open a separate account by using their existing wallets in the crypto exchanges they work with.
We can say that this system includes exchanges as an intermediary between investors and investors. is one of the 15 stock exchanges selected for the MenaPay IPO that will end on May 15th and MenaPay aims to reach a market value of $ 1 billion.

MenaPay pays over the encrypted blockchain network instead of traditional payment methods. This provides a secure and transparent payment network for every user and every aspect of everyday life. The MenaPay project, launched in November 2017, aims to provide advanced payment services to 420 million people living in 18 countries in the region.

In addition, MenaPay's total income will be distributed to the owners of MenaPay Token 75 percent of the total income.
The Crypto Money Exchange,, operates in Singapore and provides commercial services to Hong Kong, the Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, Australia, and other countries.

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