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Are You Aware of These facts when buying a washing machine?

buying a washing machine guide
The development of technology and some word games made by the producers in order to gain more income require caution when buying electronic goods.
Washing machines come at the beginning of the electronics. When you want to change the washing machine or When the newlyweds want to buy a new washing machine, the choice of a washing machine is becoming a big problem.
In the meantime, knowing what features in the washing machine means that a washing machine can be bought. In this sense, what should be considered when buying a washing machine is explained below.

Importance of Rotary Speed of Washing Machine

The first criterion for those who want to buy a washing machine is the speed of the machine. The machine should have a high turnover speed which is a feature that shows how tight the laundry is. For example, if the received machine has a speed of 1200 revolutions, it means that it will spin and squeeze the laundry 1200 times in 1 minute. A washing machine with a turnover rate of 800 turns the laundry by turning the laundry 800 times in 1 minute. The most ideal speed when buying a washing machine is 1000 revolutions. That would be an extra plus of 1200, but the fact that it is 1000 does not mean it is bad.High turnover rate allows the laundry to dry in a very short time.

The Importance of Washing Capacity

One of the most important points to take into account when buying a washing machine is the washing capacity of the machine.
For this, at least 4 people living in the house, and at home if only one time in 1 week if the machine is operated, the washing capacity of the machine to be taken should be high. The washing capacity in washing machines starts at 5 kilograms. Washing machines with an ideal washing capacity of 8 pounds.The washing capacity of the washing machine is the weight of the laundry that the machine can wash at a time.

How much energy the machine consumes

Signs of A, A + and A ++ on electronic devices indicate that electronic devices use low capacity energy. Recently, most preferred washing machines are Samsung A +++ energy-consuming machines. The savings on these machines are much higher than the savings on other machines.

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