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Chrome Dark Mode has finally arrived

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Chrome Dark Mode has finally arrivedChrome Dark Mode has finally arrived

The long-awaited Chrome Dark Mode has finally arrived. What is the feature that appeared with the Google beta of version 74?

Chrome Dark Mode feature released
One of today's most widely used browsers, Google Chrome offers a long-awaited feature. It is only a matter of time before the darkness of the Chrome 74 beta is presented to all users.

The dark mode, which emerges with the Chrome 74 beta for Windows, Mac, and Linux, aims to make working in dark environments much easier.It is possible to set it to dark or light in the Settings section of Windows.

Besides, the new Chrome beta, which provides the user with the Remove Animations and Decreases Motion options, is doing its best to keep your eyes out.
Thomas Steiner said about the new features of Chrome 74 that "Ornate effects, eye-popping advertisements, animations, and auto-played videos can sometimes hurt."

Together with the movement and animation reduction feature, developers can create pages with less movement to satisfy users.
It also includes uninstalling automatic video playback and redesigning pages specifically for specific users. 

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