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Critical days of HBO's talks with Apple and Game of Thrones producer

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Critical days of HBO's talks with Apple 

Apple, which will soon open its own publishing platform, has not yet reached an agreement with major content producers such as HBO and Showtime. On March 25, the event will be announced with a special event of Apple's race continues.

The technology giant Apple has been talking for a long time on its own publishing platform that could rival Netflix. With the slogan  'Show Time' recently, the company pointed to March 25 and used this phrase for Apple TV. This special event, which will take place about a week later, was the start of the countdown for Apple, which is expected to introduce the new broadcasting platform. Because there are some agreements that the company has to end on this issue.
Apple's game plan is to create a platform that covers all the hardware from iPhone to Mac and to provide users with the content they want without any third-party applications. Successfully working with Apple Music is a bit more difficult to implement in the broadcast industry because some of the channels that produce and publish their original contents do not look to this agreement.


According to Bloomberg, Apple 's HBO  still continue to negotiate with series manufacturers such as  Showtime and Starz. In a few days, some ongoing agreements are expected to come to an end, but the hands-on channels like HBO and Showtime are hard to look at Apple's offer.

As is known, HBO is the producer and distributor of the popular series Game of Thrones.
In addition, Netflix, which owns hundreds of original content, and Apple will eventually have to produce their own content to compete with Amazon, which has purchased the full set rights of the Lord of the Rings.

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