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Cruise Ship on the port

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Cruise Ship on the port 

Viking Sky is a 228,28-meter giant cruise ship with its 1373 passengers off the coast of Norway. After 26 hours, he escaped and entered the port of Molde, Norway, at a speed of 7 knots per hour. 906 passengers on board were evacuated.


Helicopters couldn't get on board Viking Sky after yesterday's rescue work because of the dreadful waves and the strong wind. 467 passengers were taken from the ship by helicopters until the ship came to the port.915 passengers on the ship with a total of 1373 people, 906 people were left alone with fate. In addition, water began to enter the second deck.
The ship, taking all the risks accompanied by towers at an average speed of 7 knots per hour Molde Harbor and the bull troubles to the sorrow, in the evening of 17.00 in the morning entered the harbor.
Really great work by Norwegian rescuers.

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