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Fisker plans to launch new electric SUV soon

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Fisker plans to launch a new electric SUV soon

Fisker new  electric SUV
As a reason for this question, we can show the tweet shared by Henrik Fisker, CEO of the company...
In recent weeks, the automotive giant Ford, the US Fiesta, Focus, Fusion (Mondeo) and announced the end of the production of passenger cars such as Taurus. The company also stated that the SUVs in such countries have made such a move because the sales volume of the SUVs is very high. Henrik Fisker, CEO of Fisker, also shared the sketchbook of an SUV via Twitter, following Ford's move.
You can see this tweet of Henrik Fisker, who worked in BMW between 1989 and 2001, and between 2001 and 2005 as director of design departments at Ford and Aston Martin.
We also know that Fisker is working on an electric sedan called eMotion. The company can develop an SUV in the same way as the above drawing, simultaneously with the development process of this vehicle.
The people say that The eMotion sedan has at least a few more years to produce.
  If we look at this situation, the SUV in these drawings will be produced at least 2-3 years later even if it will be produced. But since the Tesla Model X is not an obvious competitor in the industry, it is no doubt that an electric SUV will sell very well. Speaking of Tesla, we also gave you the information that Fisker has done almost all of Tesla Model S's design.

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