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fridge repair-How to Repair Refrigerators?

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How to Repair Refrigerators?

Common Fridge Problems
A refrigerator is an appliance that must be in our kitchen. It is a cooling machine that keeps food cold and fresh. If the refrigerator is not maintained on time, it may cause various faults. 

Common fridge problems

The most common malfunction is that the refrigerator does not provide sufficient cooling. 

How to Repair malfunction of Refrigerators?

The source of this fault is the refrigerant grids located at the rear of the cabinet. To do this, the nails that hold the back panel are opened with a screwdriver. When the panel is removed, refrigerant grids will be seen. The grates keep ice cold because of the continuous high-temperature cooling or when the lid is open for a long time. Hair dryers are the ideal tools to easily remove icing. With the hot air supplied by the hair dryer, melt the ice on and around the grill. It is important to make sure that the grills are overheated when performing the operation. Then the panel is replaced.

Overheating at the sides of the refrigerator is one of the most common problems. 

How to Repair overheating of Refrigerators?

The main reason for heating is caused by dusting the filter of the refrigerator. To access the condenser section, remove the protective cover at the bottom of the refrigerator. Due to pollination, the filter becomes difficult to breathe and causes the cabinet to heat up. This problem will be solved when the filter is cleaned. The water melted in the freezer section is removed from the water drain pipe. Cleaning the dust between the pipes will allow the filter to breathe comfortably. After cleaning the dust and dust in the filter and propeller, the protective cage is removed.

In the refrigerator, the gas pipes inside the body begin to decay as the time passes - after ten years. This causes gas leakage inside the body. 

How to Repair gas leakage of Refrigerators?

The rotting pipe at the bottom of the cabinet is canceled and a new two or three-meter copper pipe is welded. Gas is then supplied to check for leaks in the pipe. When gas is supplied, it is checked whether there is any leakage on the pipe. The problem is solved if the refrigerator has started cooling.

All these refrigerator faults can be easily handled. It's not worth squeezing for them. All you have to do is solve your problem by calling a reliable fridge repair mechanic near you.

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