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Google brought in-app search to the Android app

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Google brought in-app search to the Android app

Adroid Phones app
Google, for more than a year, has been implementing application-indexing improvements step-by-step for mobile searches.
announces the launch of a comprehensive innovation. Introducing in-app search mode, Google allows users to search the content of other apps they install on their Android phones.

Google, which started with Gmail, Spotify and YouTube applications for in-app search, says that Facebook Messenger, LinkedIn, Evernote, Glide, Todoist, and Google Keep apps will be used in this new search feature in the coming months.

To use the feature, you need to open the Google app from your Android phone and go to the "app search tab".
The feature makes it possible to access music you are looking for, an email based on the content of your correspondence, or a video you like, directly from the search application.

Unlike web searches, in-app searches can be completely related to your personal information and notes.
For those who are concerned about privacy, Google does not index this information. In-app search is not done on remote servers; instead, the transaction takes place in your phone, or more precisely in your operating system.
In this way, the feature continues to work when there is no Wi-Fi connection or cellular data access.
On the other hand, this is why the feature is limited to the Android app. The user decides which applications the Google search app can access. By going to the Settings menu, you can remove Google from any application.

In-app search mode will be available from the device's main screen and the Second Screen, along with the LG V20, which is expected to be introduced in IFA 2016 and will be the first phone with Android 7.0 installed.
This aspect of the feature is similar to Apple's Spotlight Search. With iOS 10, Apple adds Siri to access and control third-party applications.

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