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How to Clean Your Carpets in depth with Shampooing,Steam,Dry Carpet Cleaning and Foam?

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How to Clean Your Carpets in depth?

Here are the steps for how to clean your carpet
Carpets are cleaned in many ways, and if you do not know the carpet washing techniques used, it may be difficult to choose the best method for your carpet. Because washing methods vary according to the type of carpet.

Here are some carpet washing methods that can help you.

How to make carpet cleaning in depth?

In-depth carpet cleaning is a hassle-free carpet washing method performed only by professional carpet cleaners.
The carpets taken from the address are taken to the carpet cleaning facilities and subjected to a series of operations. First of all, the coarse dust of carpets is taken in the dust collector. Then the carpet is washed using semi-automatic and full-automatic carpet washing machines. After washing, rinsed rugs are allowed to dry in drying rooms. In the final stage, the carpets, which are checked for cleaning, are ready for delivery after being packed.
Carpets should be given to a specialist carpet cleaning company at least every 6 months for thorough washing. It is necessary to avoid the car wash facilities that are not known how to wash the carpets.

How to Wash Carpet with Shampooing?

How to Wash Carpet with Shampooing
Shampooing method is one of the most known and most economical carpet washing methods. In this method, how the carpets are washed; Before, carpet washing shampoo or solution is formed on the carpet. The ingredients of the foam attract dirt particles from the carpet. When the carpet is dried in this way, the foam layer on it becomes solid and separated from the carpet fibers. These solid residues are then swept up with a vacuum cleaner or carpet cleaner.
Because it does not require detailed treatment, washing with shampooing is the most commonly used carpet cleaning method for surface cleaning. Only a carpet shampoo and a vacuum cleaner are required.

A wide range of carpet cleaning shampoos is available on the market. But if there are tears on the carpet, you should pay attention to not to damage the carpet.

How to Wash Carpet with Steam?

How to Wash Carpet with Steam?
Steam washing method is one of the most frequently used carpet cleaning methods since it can be effective in several applications.
In fact, steam is not used in the steam washing method while the carpet is washed hot water is not used. The temperature of the water is usually between 65-100 degrees. High-temperature water spraying the carpet into the carpet to dissolve the dirt particles on the carpet. The dirt particles are then drawn through the vacuum machine and trapped in the chamber in the carpet washing machine. Add detergent or cleaning solution to the water used.

Steam washing is a carpet cleaning process that gives results close to the deep cleaning of the carpet. Hot water also kills bacteria, mushrooms, and dust mites. Thus, after cleaning the carpet with steam, the carpet is free of allergies.
If you are interested in how to use the steam washing method, it is strongly recommended to consult the professional carpet cleaning company. Because carpet cleaning companies, they understand the type of carpet and how much hot water in which carpet to know what carpet should be washed. In professional carpet cleaning factories, the carpet is mostly washed using a wheeled hot water spray machine. There are also carpet washing machines given by rent.
If you want to wash the rug yourself instead of the carpet washers, you can clean the carpet yourself with the carpet washing machines you rent.
The cost of steam washing method is high. Rented carpet washing machine prices vary by brand and model.

How to Clean Carpet with Dry Carpet Cleaning

This method is called dry carpet cleaning because water is not used. In the dry-cleaning method, the carpet is washed using an absorbent powder containing detergent, solvent and a small amount of water. Absorbent dust is sprinkled on the carpet and spread by means of machines. After waiting for about 15 minutes, the dust is drawn with a vacuum cleaner and thus dirt is absorbed by the dust. If you are considering superficial cleaning, you can try this method because the carpet does not need to get wet.

How to Wash Carpet with Foam?

How to Wash Carpet with Foam?
Foamy carpet cleaning can be considered with steam carpet cleaning. The shampoo is spread over the carpet with the help of a rotating hood. The foam is then allowed to dry for about 1 hour. Dirt is drawn through the vacuum machine. 
Since the entire shampoo may not be taken with the vacuum machine, steam washing may be required after this operation. Carpets are easily washed with foam washing but do not replace the deep carpet cleaning process.

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