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Netflix continues to be popular in the world

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Netflix continues to be popular in the worldnetflix-smart-came-to-download iOS-device-

While Netflix continues to be popular in the world, recent raises have caused great reactions, especially in countries.While Netflix has not ceased to make a price increase, it has become clear that it is planning to offer more affordable plans in some countries.According to the Economic Times, one of the countries where the affordable plans were first tested was India.

Netflix is testing affordable mobile packages!

The price of this package tested in India is 250 rupees per month. Half the standard package. Of course, there are limitations such as viewing the content in standard quality and being able to use it only with the phone and tablet.Although this package from Netflix has a low price, it is higher than Amazon's $ 1.88 demand for its Prime Video customers in India. India is not the only market in which Netflix has tested cheaper mobile.
The company had previously tested a similar plan in Malaysia. These types of packages are not yet expected to arrive in our country.

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