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Tesla Model Y Crossover SUV Announced

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Tesla Model Y Crossover SUV Announced

Elon Musk

Tesla Model Y crossover SUV announced on Twitter. Elon Musk's long-awaited, more affordable electric SUV appeared. Here's what you need to know.
Here's Tesla's Model Y and apparently as you imagine.

Tesla Y Model, New Car

Tesla's Y Model was finally introduced to the public and model 3 based crossover SUV as we expected. There is also a third-row seating option in the Y-Model. It feels a little bit about Model X.
In fact, Tesla is the most innovative vehicle ever. However, this new brand is likely to become the best-selling model. It's sure to be used by many drivers on the streets next year.

Must announce the news via Twitter. The price of Model Y starts at a $39,000 standard-range model, which Musk says is due in 2021. and a long-range model, which will cost $47,000 and go on sale in fall 2020.

The success or failure of Model Y may affect Tesla. If the vehicle was previously not interested in a sedan such as Model 3 and addressed to buyers who were unable to meet Model X, then it would not work well. In addition, Tesla has to make a decision about where to build the car and make it more quality than the previous vehicles. Model X and S had quality problems. I hope This one cannot be similar like others.

If the vehicle has much less than expected with Model 3, then it can go very badly. Only on the basis of aesthetics, but this does not seem to be a problem. When Model X was described, most of its parts were used in conjunction with Model S.

Whatever happens, We look forward to coming behind the wheel of Model Y and we can drive away from Tesla, but until then, The best thing is to check out the Roadshow for more Model Y news.

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