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The requirements for new cars have been announced

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European Union new car law change

The requirements for new cars have been announced

There are a number of safety measures in the new generation of cars for the safety of drivers and passengers. With new technologies, the safety of people is under control. These technologies are increasing day by day. Technologies, supported by governments, are gradually being made compulsory. Finally, the European Union announced the requirements for new generation cars. As of 2022, the European Union announced the speed limit of every car sold in the European Union and the technologies that would prevent drunk people from driving. In other words, the drivers cannot exceed a certain speed, regardless of the speed limit and other applications of the European Union. At the same time, drunk cars will not drive. All this will be controlled by the car and will not be left on the initiative of the driver. This technology, which will prevent the driver from getting drunk, will work based on the person's breath. The sensors in the vehicle will be able to understand whether the person is drunk or not. In the meantime, the driver does not need to take any extra action.

European Union will not leave the speed limit requirement

It is stated that these technologies, which must be included in the new car models, will not remain as much. Among these features; technologies such as lane tracking and advanced emergency braking are also included. These new regulations of the European Parliament are expected to be approved in September. Stating that hundreds of thousands of people lost their lives due to speed and alcohol, the European Union plans to drastically reduce the mortality rate.

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