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Do you know hair care home tips or hair care tips at home?

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Hair Care Home Tips

hair care tips at home
It is very difficult to have well-groomed hair, but it is possible to have healthy hair in a short time with regular care.

We wanted to share short ways to have healthy hair care at home.

 1 - Protect your hair against weather

We always forget that we leave our hair vulnerable to weather conditions. We know that the sun dries the hair follicles, but wind and rain cause our hairs to become moisture free, so the hair starts to become electrified easily.
In this case, we can use moisturizing creams and nourishing serums to protect our hair.

2 - Attention to water temperature

When water is too hot to shower, it also damages both hair follicles and hair tips. It is known that washing with warm water will prevent hair breakage and fractures.

3 - Shampoo selection

First of all, when choosing your shampoo, do not skip the need to choose the product that suits your needs. The way to healthy hair also goes through products with healthy ingredients. Take care to use products that contain herbal extracts in your shampoo selections.

4 - Blowroom and hairstyles

Hairstyles that we use to shape our hair can cause rupture, breakage, and burns due to contact with our hair at high temperature. Careful use of any device for shaping by working at high temperatures. Disperse heat from your hair at a long distance when using a blow. When using hairstyles, always use care serum or oils to protect your hair.

5 - Towel Use in Hair

After showering with towel wrapped towel to remove the moisture of your hair will cause your hair to break and electricity. You can use your hair instead of organic thin cotton hair towels instead of the thick towels you use for drying your hair. Instead of wrapping your hair in a towel, you can massage your hair moisture.

6 - Do not lose your hair moisture

During the day, hair faces many environmental factors. Cigarette smoke, dirty weather conditions and daily stress of living in the metamorphosis of the entire mask of our face as well as the hair is very impressed. When all these factors come together, our hair is losing moisture and it starts to look lifeless. For this, use oil and creams that will add a lot of moisture to your hair after showering and/or during the day. In addition to moisturizing hair creams in the shower, you can also apply care creams that can be applied during the day.

7 - Pay attention to the frequency of washing your hair

Washing hair daily and using shampoo leads to drying of the hair follicles and the course. The hair follicles need a natural secretion of the hair so your hair can be healthy. The process of ensuring the balance of fat and moisture in the hair washed daily starts to dry as it is constantly exposed to excessive water by interfering with the outside. Leave your favorite washing habits behind the thinning of hair. It is enough to wash your hair 3 days a week for healthy hair.

8 - Pay attention to feeding

In addition to the green and red shades of vegetables and greens as well as healthy fats such as Omega 3 with a rich nutrition habit, your hair also provides natural brightness and vitality. Keep in mind that what you eat always affects your appearance. Vegetables and protein from both flesh and pulses is the golden rule of your hair from inside to outside.

9 - When using Hair Care products 

Hair care masks, oils, and hair cuttings we apply for the care of your hair should not be kept in the hair longer than the time specified by the company. The hair exposed to an excessive application will lose its vitality and cause the adherence of the sebum to deteriorate without drying.
Together with these hair care home tips, you will make your hair look more beautiful and should regularly apply hair care tips at home.

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