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Dry your hair with a Hairdryer like a Pro: 4 life hacks for girls

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Dry your hair with a Hairdryer like a Pro: 4 life hacks

4 life hacks for drying hair
A wonder I came out of the salon hairdo perfect. And at home, I dry my hair with a Hairdryer, and they are so beautiful no longer lie. Creeps thought that the masters have special hair dryers, which is also important. But the most important thing to know the right techniques of how to dry your hair.

Choose a hair dryer

we can say that in the hair dryer styling around the head. Known as the wrong sort of bees make honey is wrong and bad hair dryers, and even harm the health of the hair.
Therefore, if you are uncomfortable to hold a hairdryer in his hands it is too heavy gadget starts to blow too hot, too cold air, then it needs to be changed.
When choosing a device for drying hair, pay attention to its power, as a rule, it is prescribed in the instructions or indicated on the hairdryer. Give preference to devices with a capacity of 2000 watts, and if you have too thick hair the gadget more watts are necessary.
Please note that the hair dryer has options such as air supply and temperature control.

Pick up a comb

In a duet with a Hairdryer should be the right comb, anyhow what is not suitable. If you plan to twist the curls, and this is possible without the help of Curling, choose a comb-brushing medium diameter. For the volume of a suitable large round brush. And, if you want to ask the hair smooth, choose a flat brush but not the comb. When working with a Hairdryer, important and the material from which the comb is made. After all, for example, iron or wood are heated, make strands brittle and dry.
Ideally, suitable ceramics it has low thermal conductivity or special polymers with high-quality plastic. Have such combs, usually, bending denticles. In fact, this is the famous Tangle Teezer and all their clones. These brushes are well-untangled strands, do not damage even wet hair.

Choose a styling tool

Before the start of the session be sure to treat the hair with thermal protection and apply to style. Choose it, depending on the hairstyle you want to get. For curls use a special spray with a medium hold, volume mousse. To straighten your hair, you need a gel or a special smoothing serum with the effect of radiance.
hair style tips www.ipagenews.com

Dry your hair properly

When you have got everything you need, you can start the session.
1-First, wash your hair but do not rush immediately to take up the hair dryer. Wet hair dries a chore and long, so hide your hair in a turban of towels and walk so half an hour.

2- When the hair becomes wet, remove the turban, apply for thermal protection, and then suitable on the subject of styling.

3-If you have bangs, start drying your head with it, short hair dries faster. If you want to add volume at the roots, tilt your head slightly down and dry in the parietal zone.

To keep my hair dry faster, they do not need to be dried Divide into two parts the upper and lower.  Top tier, like professional stylists, fasten and start to dry from the bottom

Dry your hair sitting, so it is more convenient to keep the hair dryer in the right direction, and the hand is not strained. Direct the air stream perpendicular to the strands, from the roots to the tips. Make sure that the air from the nozzle went straight down, not up, and then the strands swing.

4-Do not bring the hair dryer close to the hair, so they do not overheat then the strands can become brittle 

5-If you twist the curls on the brushing, keep the hair dryer at a distance of 3-5 cm. Twist the hair from the face, not to it, to get playful curls.

6-Blow the hair with cold air to add Shine. 

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