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how to be healthy? Tips and Tricks are here

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Small changes in your daily life to protect from diseases, healthy, happy and long life is possible to live. A healthy and long life everyone's greatest wish. In this video, we will talk about how to be healthy. Tips and Tricks are here.

eating healthy

1) Regular feeding

Beginning the day with a solid breakfast is a must for healthy living. Our brain needs energy because there is no feeding during sleep at night. The first thing to pay attention to while feeding regularly is to consume seasonal vegetables and fruits. The fruits and vegetables grown in the season become healthier, do not require a special environment and support.

Three main meals and three meals a day is required to do. Drinking plenty of water, low in fat, carbohydrate, and protein proportional food should be preferred. One of the most important energy sources required by mental activities is the fruits. The only energy of the brain outside of oxygen is glucose. Glucose is present in fruits. Sugar taken from other foods is converted into glucose by burning in the stomach.

Therefore, we must eat the fruits on an empty stomach. Fruits should be consumed 30 minutes before meals or after three hours. Fruits took when the stomach is full; it loses its nutritional value by staying in the stomach, it will also ferment the whole digestive system.

Minerals (calcium, copper, iodine, iron, zinc, etc.) are found in vegetables and fruits, it is important for cell protection and healthy tooth, bone, skin structure. Minerals also play a role in many other regulatory functions such as heart rhythm, blood pressure, fluid balance in the body.

At least several pieces of fruit and vegetables a day, a bowl of fresh yogurt in the evening, plenty of water, several times a week to eat fish, you should consume a glass of milk every day. Nutritional requirements of the body to meet the most accurate, but if necessary additional supplements can be taken.

If we feel guilty in our sweet getaways, we try to eat less sweet.10 million cells per minute in our body dies and renews as much.Our body is renewed on average every 100 days (except brain and nerve cells). Irregular malnutrition disrupts the regeneration system. The skin loses its vitality, freshness and most importantly it becomes open to diseases.

Fatigue and headaches. The system of thought and memory becomes blurred. For these reasons, we should pay attention to regular and healthy nutrition. We just have to eat to live.

2) stay away from alcohol

cigaret smoking
Smoking should never be used and if needed to quit smoking help should be obtained.
In the researches, it was determined that even nicotine in the clothes of the smoker parents affected children.
Cigaret; diseases of the heart and circulatory system, diseases of the respiratory system and can cause cancer (lung, esophagus, oral, nasal-throat, larynx, pancreas, kidney, leukemia).
If you smoke, you can stop smoking immediately and tell the people around.
Alcohol is harm. Harmful effects occur when a small amount (eg up to seven glass of wine per week) is exceeded.

3) Sleep regularly

We need to let your immune system rest.chronic insomnia causes damage to your immunity and prevents your body from fighting diseases. Immunity and sleep are two things that are interdependent.

4) Do sports

When the body is ready for sports, it is evening. But sports can be done at all times.
The activities to operate the legs, abdomen, arms, chest and waist muscles are very important.10 minutes of light tempo running and 10 minutes (shuttle, side shuttle, foot stretching) movements are sufficient. if you're going to do it all your life.

If you can do sports three times a week for at least 20 minutes,
If you spend less time on the sport, you should have at least 45 minutes. Sport is also very important to make balanced and regular.
Exercising for a long time every day tends to muscle.
We need to remember that our muscles need to rest. Yoga and meditation are very beneficial for heart health. The level of nitric oxide in the body increases in meditation. This substance is very important for vascular health. Nitric oxide is a molecule that is naturally produced in the body.

Helps expand veins, decrease blood pressure, and protect against diabetes and cancer. Most are found in the nose. When breathing deeply in yoga and meditation, this substance is filled into the lungs.
Sport is also a source of happiness because it provides for the active rest of the person and is something that he does for himself.

5) Stay away from the sun

D vitamin
It should be tried to get out of the morning and evening to the sun rays which are the source of vitamin D but cause cancer and aging.
The sun rays that we take vitamin D are between 11.00 and 13.00 noon. The benefit of the sun at this time-damage should be well evaluated. Vitamin D is also an antioxidant, it supports the immune system, daily oral intake is recommended.

6) Keep your brain active

Puzzles, brain teasers, intelligence questions, and memory techniques keep the brain active. But don't force your brain when you're tired.A 20-page book to read every day and the spices you will use in your meals (especially turmeric, saffron, cinnamon) helps keep the brain active. Every day, try to taste new flavors in every area.

7) Control yourself

It is also useful to detect new tubers, moles, especially in the shower and to check the body after taking a shower. It is very important to detect breast cancer and new emerging, deforming nevi (moles) early.

8) Be clean

Take care to keep your body clean. Bathe at least twice a week or once in three days. Use cleaning tools such as soap, fiber, and shampoo and rub all parts of your body thoroughly. Take care to clean the toilet and wash your hands frequently with soap. Many infectious diseases spread from the hands, do not forget it.

9) Get the vaccine

Now adults have a vaccination schedule. We must be protected from vaccines that can be protected. We must be vaccinated against seasonal influenza, which causes death every year, which affects our workforce.
chronic diseases
Pneumonia vaccine, shingles vaccine is recommended for those with chronic diseases. It is necessary to have a tetanus vaccine every 10 years.All girls should be vaccinated with HPV to protect them from cervical cancer.

10) Learn to cope with stress

Find healthy ways to cope with stress. Because stress hormones damage the immune system. You can support your immune system by dealing with stress through yoga, listening to music, hiking, regular laughing and massage.

Good social relations, being with one's loved ones, embracing; Reduces stress and tension.With the embrace, the person beats the fear of loneliness and feels loved. Being happy is also important in dealing with stress.

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