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How to make the right makeup?

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How to make the right makeup?

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Makeup is a passion that women cannot give up. However, makeup also has some subtleties. So how to make the right makeup?

Foundation: According to experts, foundation, must be applied to clean and moistened skin with a damp sponge. The sponge should be washed and dried after each use. The foundation should be applied in a bright place, daytime make-up should be done in daylight, night make-up should be done in a well-lit place. There should be no color difference where the hair bottoms and face meet. The foundation should be spread with small touches in these areas. Should be in accordance with the skin color of the selected foundation and should be applied as a thin layer.

Powder: The foundation on which the powder should be transparent, experts emphasize that if it is to be used alone, it should be suitable for the skin color and should be applied as a thin layer with a large powder brush.

Eye: Experts note that the dust headlights are better in terms of use and durability, and should be applied with sponge rods or soft brushes that are cleaned frequently. Experts in the color of the eyes do not always give a very good result of expressing, experts, by trying to emphasize the color should emphasize the need.

Mascara: Black or dark brown masks, indicating that the eyes can be shown larger and more meaningful, the mascara while the head slightly lifted while looking at the mirror in this way, a good technique in terms of not to spread around the eye reports.

Blush: Experts, the blush brush soft and long hair, should be washed frequently, expressing, "the color of the blush should be pinkish or earth tones in accordance with the skin color. .

Lip: Emphasizing that the shape is very important, lip makeup experts say:
"If the lips are thin, a thin frame is drawn with a bone-color pen at the end of the lips and the sharpness of the line is reduced, then the frame is drawn with a lip pencil and painted with the appropriate color lipstick.

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