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Is hair loss a disease? Here is the answer

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Is hair loss a disease?hair loss a disease

The most common type of hair loss is androgenetic alopecia. Women are also facing this problem, which is thought to be more specific to men.

Hair loss is a disease

 According to hair experts thoughts hair loss and thinning hair, weakening of different reasons such as of illness.

What Are The Causes Of Hair Loss?

Hair loss, hair thinning and thinning, such as a variety of different causes is a disease. Every adult will lose between 50 and 100 hairs a day. For any reason, there is a drop above this number.
when it happens, an expert should be consulted. Due to the increase in hair loss, on your pillow in the morning, or checking your hair after a shower is very easy you can understand. Again, when you are brushing or styling your hair, it's your own you can set a number for yourself. After that, you will notice even the slightest change in this number.

Hair loss creates a major problem in the psychology of the individual. The biggest accessory of a man and a woman is her hair. Beautiful, lush and well-maintained hair always attracts attention in every environment. It makes you chic, well-maintained and flashy as you are.
Therefore, healthy hair is very important at the height of self-confidence. Hair loss multiplies when individuals psychological problems.

Hair loss in men and women is the medical name “androgenetic alopecia”. In addition to this, it is also referred to as “male pattern baldness.” The hairline goes back over time and dilutes begin. Usually, the upper part of the hair called the front line is shed. In women, hair loss occurs at the same time.

The Most Common What Causes Hair Loss?

There are many different causes of hair loss. Hormonal imbalances, such as post-menopausal distress, pregnancy, thyroid hormones, stress, psychological problems, occur at the beginning of these situations. In addition, high fever, malnutrition, lack of vitamin, anemia, iron-zinc-biotin deficiency, diet, various hair diseases (Seboroid dermatitis, tinea capitis, such as scalp disease), very often hair coloring and hair pulling can also cause hair loss.

Male Pattern Hair Loss

 hair loss a disease? man hairloss
The most common form of hair loss. It starts at the top of the head and the front line disappears over time. Hair begins to thin. That way, this region becomes bald. This process continues for a long time and only a little hair remains on the back of the neck. 

In recent years, male hair loss has decreased until the age of 18. This hair style won't spill out when the androgen hormone testosterone, which is the biggest reason for the change is showing. Testosterone, combined with an enzyme known as 5alpha reductase, converts dihydrotestosterone DHT. This hormone sends signals to the hair and causes hair to become weak and receding. Early diagnosis slows or stops all of these causes. The rate of hair loss in men is 80 percent.

Female Pattern Hair Loss

Nowadays, many women are faced with the problem of hair loss. Especially stress, improper diet, hormonal changes, pregnancy, menopause, use the wrong cosmetics, hair dye, and hair loss gives rise to seasonal transitions.

Hair loss has 3 medical:

1 - in the Hill area, hair loss starts 1-2 cm behind the front line

2-dense spills in the Hill area

3 - hair loss in the entire head region

What Are The Causes Of Hair Loss?

Every adult will lose between 50 and 100 hairs a day. In the case of a drop above this number for any reason, an expert should be consulted.

What Are The Causes Of Hair Loss?

If hair loss and breakage have just started, you need to consult your doctor. The doctor will ask you for blood tests if he sees fit. In addition, your hair and scalp will be checked with devices that do a hair analysis. After this, the treatment process is decided to be applied specifically to you, such as hair mesotherapy, oxygen hair care, ozone hair care, PRP cures.

Hair transplantation is performed in late-thick cases. These applications should be made by specialists in the hospital environment. Hair transplantation is an operation performed with local anesthesia and does not compromise the patient's comfort. Seasonal also can be done at any time.

There is no chance of losing the transplanted hair again.

A lifetime of this hair does not shed. The success of the operation is very important here. The team that performed the operation should be very experienced in hair transplantation for many years. There is no trace of the scalp after hair transplantation. If the sowing process is done with the latest technology, micro motor methods, there will definitely be no trace. The stitches are removed from the nape area in addition to the grafts that are removed in the Strip. This operation will leave a mark. 

Aesthetic Center October patients contracted to private hospitals that are under the control of specialists performs hair transplantation and plastic surgery. A team of fully qualified specialists follows the patient step by step into the operation process. The center is following the latest technology and innovations in hair transplantation. 

All information and details about the procedure are given to the patient before the operation. Hair transplant surgery is the most common procedure for hair loss.

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