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Netflix subscribers must know that.A bad News for Netflix Subscribers

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A bad News for Netflix Subscribers

Netflix subscribers bad news
Netflix subscribers are very closely interested in a decision was made. The company said it had bad news for the users of the AirPlay feature over the iPhone and announced that the AirPlay support would be terminated. What does this mean?
Netflix has decided to stop AirPlay support. prior to this development, which is closely related to iPhone owners, users could use AirPlay to direct Netflix on the phone screen to the TV via Apple TV. However, Apple's airplay on third-party TVS has changed the color of business; Netflix is thought to have made such a decision when the ecosystem grows. 

Netflix'den the official explanation on the subject is the following:: 

“We want to make sure that our members have a great Netflix experience on the devices they use. With AirPlay turned on to third-party devices, there was no way we could differentiate between devices.

For this reason, we have decided not to continue Netflix's AirPlay support to maintain the tracking quality standard. Members can continue to access applications on Apple TVs or other devices.”

Netflix's support for AirPlay may be due to the mobile subscription system it is currently testing. This system aims to enable users to use Netflix with their phones only. It is not known whether the mobile subscription system, which has a much lower price tag than the standard tariff, will come to life.

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