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Protect your hair loss with 3 steps

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Protect your hair loss with 3 stepshair loss problem solved

Stress, seasonal changes, iron deficiency, thyroid hormone disorders. These are just a few of the causes of hair loss. Whatever the cause, hair loss can be prevented!

Pay attention when you come with 3-4 wires every time you take your hand!

There may be some diseases at the source of a different spill. These include diseases caused by the immune system, diseases of the thyroid gland, iron deficiency, stress, and genetic diseases, hormonal disorders in women, malnutrition, and long-term low-calorie diets.

Hair loss can be avoided regardless of the cause, but it is not always possible to recover lost hair. For example, hair loss caused by iron deficiency or anemia in the body is easy to stop, and recovery is possible in such cases. Thyroid and scalp can be recovered by preventing spills due to fungal infection. However, there is no recovery in some skin diseases that destroy the hair follicles.

If hair loss is concentrated only in certain areas in a different way than usual, if there is an increase in the amount of hair poured on the pillow in the bathroom, if the spillage exceeds 3 months, and when we take our hands every time 3-4 wire hair should be visited. There are also rhythmic spills called seasonal spills. In Northern Hemisphere, these spills occur in the fall. Usually ends in 2-3 months. If this period is longer, it is useful to consult a doctor.

Don't blow too often! 

• Do not expect miraculous solutions from mixtures such as egg whites, olive oil, almond oil. They do not have a positive effect on the hair, except for cosmetic products, such as polishing hair or reducing damage on the outer surface of the hair.
• Do not believe the widespread opinion that garlic is good for every hair loss. Garlic can lead to more unhealthy consequences such as the occurrence of wounds.
• Spills during washing and screening are normal. Consult a doctor if there is a pinch of spillage when you drop your hand.
• Get enough sleep.
• Eat well. Remember the importance of red meat and cereals.
• The paint does not damage the hair if it is not done very frequently. However, it can cause damage to the frequently applied perm or blow-dry root. Collecting hair too tightly can cause permanent loss of skin by wearing down the scalp.


what is hair loss

STEP 1: The average life of our hair is 2-6 years. At the end of this period, they complete their life cycles and pour out. Otherwise, they will reappear. Shedding is considered to be 100-150 hair strands per day in normal individuals. If you notice an unusual spill in your hair, contact your dermatologist to find out why. Your hair loss problem, iron deficiency, thyroid hormone disorders can be many diseases.

STEP 2: Take advantage of some methods such as PRP and hair mesotherapy that produce good results in the short and medium term to meet the vital needs of the scalp and hair.

PRP: In this method, growth factor components in blood are purified by specific methods. It is then injected into the scalp. The aim is to increase blood circulation in the scalp, to provide more oxygen, to develop hair follicles and to increase the hair fibers. The application is very safe because it is made with a serum obtained from the human's own blood, it has no side effects.

MESOTHERAPY: It is a method of injecting vitamins, minerals, and natural extracts to the scalp and hair follicles with thin-tipped needles at a thickness of hair. It is applied after a short time massage. After 2-3 sessions, revitalization of the scalp and a noticeable increase in hair. Especially misused cosmetics, long-term and intensive sunlight, malnutrition, various vitamins and mineral deficiencies in hair loss that occurs in benefits. It is planned as 10 sessions, 1 time per week. The duration of treatment may vary from person to person. Needles used are very thin and special because there is no pain outside the needle entry.

STEP 3: We recommend hair transplantation to patients who are not suitable for treatment methods or who have been shed. Most male permanent hair loss in women can be permanently eliminated by hair transplantation. In the donor area between 2 ears, hair transplantation can be applied to anyone with adequate and high-quality hair roots. It is a painless, natural and non-traceless method.

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