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PUBG producer Tencent begins to compete

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PUBG producer Tencent begins to compete

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Last year, Riot Games and Activision-Blizzard, Ubisoft and Epic Games with 40 percent share in the game, which also owns important games such as the PUBG Chinese game giant Tencent, Tencent Gaming Platform service restructuring, name changes and announced that the world will offer a change.

The new PUBG update brings many innovations! The new PUBG update brings many innovations!
PUBG, one of the most played games in the world, has installed the new version called update # 27 on its main servers. With this update, new features will be available to users ..

The PUBG producer has also launched a game platform! Competition is heating up!
The Tencent Gaming Platform was a Steam-derived digital game store with over 200 million users, but only in China. With the re-configured servers in Hong Kong, the re-launched platform WeGame X will now be accessible from around the world.

At this time, WeGame X looks quite empty. The application was introduced to the world as early access and has only 17 games on it. These are often seen as classic Far East games. But this may change soon. In the following periods, the company can also add special games like PUBG to this platform and remove their games from the Steam platform. Thus, users who do not already have the game may have to play the game through this platform.

WeGame X features such as user reviews, type tags, and a cloud save system. There is also an offline mode in the application. But apart from these, many features seem to be missing yet.

Steam seems to have recently been compressed with Epic Games, now with WeGame X. This can increase competition in the market, which can benefit users.

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