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Styling Very Short Curly Hair Tips | How to styling curly hair tips

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styling short curly hair tips

Styling Very Short Curly Hair Tips

When you do the styling medium curly hair care correctly and apply the correct styling steps, you get more perfect looking curls. Details such as small and large curls change the drying and shaping steps, especially after showering. Here are the styling your short curly hair tips.

Short Curly hair has always been fun to me. I also think it adds a characteristic to the person. When you do the curly hair care correctly and apply the correct styling steps, you get more perfect looking curls. At this point, it should be emphasized that the shape of the curly hair and the way of care can change. In other words, details such as fine wire or thick wire, small and large curls can change the drying and shaping steps, especially after showering.

 Here are the Styling Very Short Curly Hair Tips

a- Curly Wavy Curly Hair:

1- Applying the hair cream: Generally, after the shampooing, lots of hair conditioner is applied to the whole hair. However, it is recommended to apply the hair cream that you get in the palm of your hair in small amounts from the middle to the ends after splitting the hair into 3-4 parts. Then using your fingers as a comb to open the hair, possible tangles, tangles. You should rinse your hair with cold water after applying this section to all the sections. In this way, the cream you want to give hair to the hair will be locked in the hair. Your hair will look softer and brighter. This item applies to all types of curly hair to style hair.

Curly hair should not be dry hair types. When they are dry, the curls are as healthy and smooth as you want, and they break easily. Keep in mind that your own oil of the hair is always the best care. Hair care products such as shampoos in terms of how much you get the appropriate product can dry your hair. So if your hair is very dry, do not shampoo in every shower. Rinse with water and use only hair conditioner if necessary.

2- Curling hair: You must put the waves in their own way before you go to the drying step. For this, as much hair as possible in the case of the tufts of the hair. Even before you do this, both the curls and make the hair care against the heat, if you drive a care product to prepare the next step better.
After that, take your hair to one side so that the curls can recover. Then tighten your hair by pushing the curls upwards. Then slowly drop down. Do this equally for all your hair. This item applies to all types of curly hair.

Hair straight ones usually want to make their hair wavy and even curly. The heat is harmful to the hair when it is done as often as fast to obtain hair waves or curly hair using.

One of the styling tips that curly hairs want most is hair straightening methods.

Is it a ceramic hair straightener or a titanium plate? What should be the hair straightener temperature setting according to the hair type? Hair straightener thickness, what should be the width of the plate?
you are faced with many questions like

curly hair tips for girls

3- Drying hair: Drying curly hair with a towel, opening the curls, hair is electrifying, is the biggest reason to rise. It is therefore advisable to use a microfiber towel instead of a cotton towel, or use an old T-shirt to dry the hair. Do not behave brutally when installing. You should take the excess water without overturning the hair. This item applies to all types of curly hair.

4- Using the hair diffuser for 
Styling Very Short Curly Hair:
 It is indispensable to use a diffuser while drying curly hair. Before drying you can apply a flexible hair spray that does not give stiffness. You should dry your hair by placing it on the diffuser. After drying all hair in this way, activate the cold air button and apply cold air by throwing your hair in front of the head. This will make the hairs brighter, as well as contribute to the fixation of the curls. This item applies to all types of curly hair.

Styling Very Short Curly Hair Tips

Especially for curly hair is one of the most important stages. Use t-shirt for drying instead of a towel. Because the towel absorbs a lot of water in your hair and causes swelling. Wrap your hair in the t-shirt and gently wet. One more advice from me, never make your hair brutal.

5- Volume gain to 
Styling Very Short Curly Hair: There are many ways to add volume to hair. However, one of the most used to throw some creams into the bottom of the hair. You should apply the crepe from the middle of the hair to the diplomas. While doing this, do not exaggerate the crepe to not be hard on the hair. Otherwise, your hair may break.

6- Sleeping with the bun: 
Especially if you have big curls that can be described as hair waves, you will have to try to correct them again in the morning because they will be crushed when you lie down. For this, while lying down with your fingers without curls, pick up the hair on top and bend slightly, make a loose bun. Your morning curls will probably look perfect with a little water and a radiant serum.

B- Curly Hair:

1 - Volumizing 
Styling Very Short Curly Hair: Volumizing hair starts when hair is wet. So gently lift your hair follicles and insert a clip of hair as above. Keep the hair in your hair until 75% of your hair is dry.

2- Sleep to prevent the curls: 
Everyone who has curly hair should have a satin pillowcase. Because cotton absorbs the natural moisture and oil of the hair. Drying hair also becomes open to fractures. To prevent this, moisten the noodles lightly with water after collecting hair on top of your head with a very loose toe. Take care to keep it as high as possible. So in the morning you just need to lower the hair and fix it with your hands.

3- Dry hair ends moisturize: 
Styling Very Short Curly hair ends tend to dry more. Because the hair in the scalp itself is not possible to crawl from the bottom of the natural oil can not distribute and remain at the bottom. Therefore, it is also recommended to perform maintenance on the ends of the hair. For this, after slightly wetting the hair ends with water, you can apply coconut oil or olive oil by massaging the tips.

c- Small Curly Hair

1- Sleep to prevent 
Styling Very Short Curls from falling: Having such small curls means that you have a very characteristic hair, although it may be difficult to care for from time to time. All you need is old tights to make sure that these curls don't deteriorate and the hair doesn't look flat on your side, so you don't get electrified and get more. Cutting a piece of your old tights and using it as a type of bone will add extra volume to the hair, except for the other benefits I've just mentioned.

2- Sleeping for 
Styling Very Short Curly Hair: If your hair is short and curly you will not be able to collect it on the hill like a ponytail. In this case, the hair is divided into 3-4 sections again with loose buckles to connect. It's important not to do too tight, otherwise, the trail will remain.

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