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Taxes for Facebook ads are coming

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Taxes for Facebook ads are coming

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Social networking site Facebook, the business of Turkey and did not provide a valid tax number from advertisers, advertising services will receive 18 percent KDV announced.
Since April 1, 2019, the company will be subject to VAT as an institution that is no longer resident in Turkey due to a recent change in tax laws in Turkey.  In a statement, "Run, Turkey is situated in Turkey that has provided a VAT number and a current one of all advertisers, Facebook Ireland Ltd.18% VAT will be collected for advertising services purchased from the company." the expression was used.

Advertisers who want to advertise "Account Settings Update and add tax numbers" in the requested statement, "the advertiser, KDV by giving the Value Added Tax (VAT) Law No. 9. it confirms that the VAT declaration will be made within the scope of the article. If you do not provide your VAT number, you receive 18% VAT from all advertising services offered to you. The VAT is included in every price received from you for your ads. If you are paying for your Facebook ads with a manual payment method, VAT is applied when you provide money to your ad account." he was warned.

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