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Best calendars and task management schedulers for Mac OS and iOS in 2019

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Best calendars and task management schedulers for Mac OS and iOS

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Calendar is one of the most necessary applications for scheduling. Any operating system includes an application with similar features. In addition, many third party hybrid options are available, including a scheduler, task manager and todo lists.

We’ve made a selection of desktop apps (Mac OS) and mobile platforms (iOS) that are best-suited calendars and task managing schedulers for Mac OS and iOS in 2019.


BysyCal is a handy calendar management tool for iOS and Mac OS. Integrates with services such as Google Calendar, iCloud, and Exchange. BysyCal is also convenient for tracking tasks on Mac OS and iOS.

The calendar in the main window of the program looks quite simple, it does not differ from that in Google Calendar or Apple’s Calendar application (see below). Available display by day, week, month. In addition to this - a summary: this is a list of events for a specific period. In the calendar settings, you can configure fonts, colors, time format, and other parameters.

The BysyCal info panel is available through the sidebar or as a separate Floating Window. Through the Floating Window, it’s convenient to configure events and tasks, add tags and set reminders. Extra fields can be disabled through the program settings.

BysyCal also works as a simple todo list manager. Everything you need is in the todo section. By the way, the tasks of the standard Mac OS application Reminders app are supported here.

Conveniently manage BysyCal through the Menu bar app. From here you can create tasks, add events, etc. without going to the main BysyCal window.

BysyCal mobile app for iOS exactly repeats the functions of a desktop application, allowing you to:

  1. Synchronize cloud calendars of different platforms and formats
  2. View events by day, week, and month,
  3. Manage a list of todo tasks,
  4. Create and customize event reminders.
  5. The full version of BysyCal costs $ 49.99.


Fantastical supports CalDAV and Microsoft Exchange, so it’s not a problem to combine all the local and network accounts that work with these protocols.

This application has a number of noteworthy features, which (with rare exceptions) are not in other similar programs. We mention some of them.

Calendars can be combined into sets and subsequently enable/disable with one click. This is useful if you have many different calendars for all occasions. Depending on the location (such as home or work), they change automatically.

To manage events and reminders, it is not necessary to open the program window - it is faster to do this through the Mini Window, available in the menu bar. Calendar sets and upcoming events are available here.

Separate applications exist for Mac OS, iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch, and they synchronize with each other without any problems - therefore, they are convenient to use in conjunction. The cost of the entire set will be $ 76.47. The cost of Fantastical in the regular version is similar to BysyCal - it's $ 49.99.


NotePlan is an interesting solution that combines several productivity tools. First of all, it is a calendar and task manager. NotePlan is available for Mac, iPhone, and iPad (mobile apps published on the App Store). iOS version of NotePlan includes a task scheduler, diary, allows you to review the upcoming events, make notes.

A calendar is one of the components of the application. You can enter tasks and add events to it. You can view events, in turn, by month (monthly view). In the program, like other applications, you can add calendars of third-party services (NotePlan reads the settings of the standard Apple Calendar, where you need to add calendars).

As in the standard calendar, tags, checklists, filters, and other features are available here. which can be used to work not only with the calendar but also with projects. For planning by day, notes and events are provided. They have the status of 'done', 'scheduled' and 'canceled'.

To work with notes, the simple syntax markdown is used. Notes are stored as text files on the iCloud Drive cloud.

Apple calendar

(present as part of Mac OS and iOS)

The standard calendar combines the calendars iCloud, Google and Exchange, it is convenient to work with it if you have several accounts. Calendars can be divided into categories and assign different colors to them. You can also separate calendars by location - Work/home/ travel and so on.

Calendars can be shared with other users, just send an invite or, accordingly, vice versa.

When creating an event, you can specify not only time but also geotags, text notes, add a reminder by email or in the form of a pop-up window.

Plus the standard Mac OS calendar - there is nothing superfluous. The program does not need to be installed and paid for additional functions that, most likely,

will not be needed. If you only need event planning and scheduling, a full-time calendar will be enough.

On the other hand, the Calendar will be slightly “cramped” for users who have managed to use alternative calendars - where there is task management, Mini Window, an overview of upcoming events and other amenities.

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