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No sound on iPhone? - How to fix iPhone with no sound problem?

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iphone with no sound - How to fix iphone no sound problem?

No sound on iPhone? - How to fix iPhone with no sound problem?

Before contacting the service center, you can try to recover the iPhone no sound or iPad yourself. Such attempts will not take much time and will not harm the device. Of course, they will not help in all cases.
First of all, identify the problem. Why no sound iPhone? There is no sound from the speakers or from the headphones? Check for sound from the device’s speaker, then try plugging in your headphones.

Check the sound

when you receive a call (receive SMS) while listening to music in running applications.If the sound is stably heard through the speakers and through the headphones, but there are problems with the sound, for example, in applications, then most likely this is a software glitch. Partially missing sound is most likely a software glitch.

1. Increase the volume level

You may have simply turned off the volume. Turn up the volume with the volume slider. The sound level is set separately for speakers and for headphones (when they are connected).
When the headphones are connected, an indicator should appear with the words “headphones”. If the word “headphones” appears when the headphones are not connected, then there is probably a problem with the headphone jack. Try to carefully clean the headphone jack.

2. Reboot the device

If the volume level is set correctly, but there is still no sound, then reboot the device. Maybe this will help. One of our friends found an original solution on his own:
I had a sound when listening to music through speakers and headphones, but the sound in applications only worked when the headphones were connected.

I solved the problem like this:
Launched the application and inserted the headphones. It increased the volume with the keys and at that moment pulled the headphones out of the socket. The volume began to increase, the sound in the applications worked!

Perhaps a reset will help:

Settings - Basic - Reset - Reset All Settings

The settings will be reset to the factory settings, but all information (contacts, notes, music, videos) will remain.
If you have done the first two points of this article and there is no sound from the speakers, but there are headphones, then there is a high probability that this is a physical problem.
Try to push the device on the top and bottom of the speaker, gently tap on this part. If a sound appears, then this is a physical problem. You need to contact the service center.
If you are unable to identify the problem, then you can try updating the device firmware.
If you have a device with jailbreak and you installed programs from Cydia, then problems may be related to this. In this case, updating the firmware can also help.

Here is another case - this time the main character - iPad

One of my acquaintances had a problem - the sound disappeared on the iPad2, or rather not completely - AVPlayer successfully showed movies with sound, and there was sound on the Internet when watching a video, but in games and the Crystal TV application (reincarnation of a zombie creator) there was complete silence.

Standard advice to restart the iPad did not help - the problem remained. In general, the patient was brought for a detailed examination. Everything turned out to be ugly simple - we must carefully read the documentation!

Surely, you are familiar with the switch, which is located just above the volume control rocker on the iPad. For example, I use it to block auto-rotate the screen, but by default, it is configured to block the sound (although, as it turned out, it blocks the sound somehow selectively). So easily solved the "problem" of missing sound on the iPad with one flick of a finger.

Such a short instruction may also help:

Press the Home button twice. Use your finger to the right to pull the multitasking bar. Pay attention to the speaker icon on the left. Crossed out? Turn on. On the right is a dynamic volume bar. In what position? Move the slider as far as possible to the right.

And finally, a generalized instruction for iPhone and iPad for fixing no sound on the Ipone problem.

If following it does not help, contact the service center; you can’t do anything on your own.

1. Verify that you have the latest version of the software (firmware) installed. For the first-generation iPad, this is 5.1.1, for the iPad 2 and iPad New (iPad 3) it is 6.0

2. Check that the volume level is not set to the minimum. The volume control buttons are located on the side panel of the tablet

3. The iPad side switch can be used both to lock the screen rotation and to turn off the volume if you see a red dot, then it is likely that the sounds were muted, and in this case, you need to switch him to the second position.

4. Go to the "Settings" - "Music" menu and check that the "Volume Limit" is not enabled

5. Go to the “Settings” - “Basic” - “Universal Access” menu and make sure that the “Mono Audio” option is not activated, otherwise turn it off.

6. Go to the menu "Settings" - "Basic" - "Reset" - "Reset all settings"

If after resetting the problem the no sound on iPhone still persists, then you need to connect the tablet to the computer, create a backup using iTunes and restore iPad software using iTunes. (The backup contains your personal data, but not the data of the programs and the media library, therefore, as a result of this procedure, some data, such as music, programs, may be lost)

Carrying out the actions described above do not forget about backup and remember that you do them at your own peril and risk.

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